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Graham Smith <g.smith577@...>

I have no problems with it using the same set up as you. Others will say keep away I guess it is how confident or patient you are. jaws is all set up for it.

good Luck


At 10:22 AM 7/8/2011 -0700, you wrote:
Update keeps bugging me to install IE 9. for those of you who have done so,
should I keep ignoring the message. Using Windows 7, 64.bit latest update
of Jaws, with their quirky number system I won't even try to say which
number, just the latest available last week should help anyone who really
wants to know. I keep unchecking this but it refuses to leave me alone, and
I am not sure I want the 9 version at this point.

Rose Combs

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Yes, John. I'm here, and I'm sure the world is still turning. <smile>

And, now, I'm off to install the latest Jaws 12.

So, let's hope that doesn't blow things up.


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Is the list still active or just very few people subscribed to it? I
haven't seen it this quiet in a... well, never.
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