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Francisco Salvador Crespo

The best workaround for this is to uninstall FSOCR, do whatever you need with the latest OpenBook release and repair Jaws.
The issue is produced because OpenBook includes a version of FSOCR that is older than the one Jaws is installing. So the installer is unable to overwrite a newer version and stops the process.
This could be fixed with a minor OB update.


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El 9 ene 2018, a las 18:48, george b <> escribió:

I think your correct. I have the latest open book and it works fine, maybe
because o c r 64 was installed after o b latest version

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I think if you uninstall the ocr64 program I think openbook will be

I would give that a try.

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When I try to repair OpenBook, I get this message.
OpenBook Setup Package Error
The OpenBook setup package could not install the required component FSOcr64.
The process will now exit.

When is it going to be fixed?


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