ITunes&Jaws: Remembering last position button not reading right

Gerardo Corripio <gera1027@...>

HI guys: Using Jaws12 with ITunes 10.2 and BlindTunes; especially in
audiobooks I like to set the Remember last Position button to checked so
when I resume the book I won't have to fast forward on my Ipod (or in ITunes
depending where I'm listening) to get where I was. Because I haven't tried
it before installing BlindTunes that's why I'm asking do you guys find that
with Jaws12 and BlindTunes the Remember Position button doesn't get read,
having to use the Jaws cursor to click it on or off? Also more weird why
when the audiobook is in Music the remember position button works OK, but
when I move the file to Audiobook it stops working, making an error sound in
ITunes like I pressed an invalid command. Any ideas? Has this also happened
to you guys since iTunes 10, or does it have nothing to do with the new
ITunes, being something else?


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