Re: How can I get to a message balloon that popped up?

Peter Tesar



When I used Windows 7, the plugging in of a USB drive gave me a list of options.

This was the same as pressing the applications key in My Computer.

Since using Windows 10 I get a Notification whenever plugging in a USB drive:

   Notification from Auto Play …

   Select to choose what happens with removable drive


When I press Windows-key plus a, the word “Notification” is frozen on screen.


Using the Jaws say the current line command gives me only the word “Notification”.


When using the Jaws cursor, I cannot find the word “Notification” anywhere on the screen.


When back to the PC cursor, the say current line still gives the word “Notification”.

The Windows-key plus v does nothing.

How do I do what the notification  instructs?

   Select to choose what happens with removable drive

What do I do with  this auto play notification?

I’m using the latest versions of Windows 10 Home and Jaws 2018.

The Ease of Access Center has nothing about the balloon or Notification.


Peter T.

On 1/4/2018 10:35 PM, Bill White wrote:

Hi again, Richard. One thing you can do either in Windows 7 or Windows 10 is to go into the Ease of Access Center, and change how long a balloon remains on the screen. I have mine set to 20 seconds. Then it is easier to click on the balloon either with the Left Mouse Click on the Number Pad with Windows 7, or WINDOWS key plus A for Windows 10.


Bill White

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