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I would definitely continue to refuse it.

You can turn this off in Internet Explorer ... Tools/Options. Then Advanced
Page. In the list look for Browsing. Then right under that, turn off the
option to automatically check for IE updates.

Then OK to close.

Dave Carlson
Composed on a Dell Latitude 630 in the general vicinity of my Audio
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Subject: [Bulk] IE 9

Update keeps bugging me to install IE 9. for those of you who have done so,
should I keep ignoring the message. Using Windows 7, 64.bit latest update
of Jaws, with their quirky number system I won't even try to say which
number, just the latest available last week should help anyone who really
wants to know. I keep unchecking this but it refuses to leave me alone, and
I am not sure I want the 9 version at this point.

Rose Combs

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Yes, John. I'm here, and I'm sure the world is still turning. <smile>

And, now, I'm off to install the latest Jaws 12.

So, let's hope that doesn't blow things up.


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Subject: Is there anyone out there?

Is the list still active or just very few people subscribed to it? I
haven't seen it this quiet in a... well, never.
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