Re: Braille Displays and Multiple Languages/Character Sets



           Thank you for your input.   This individual will be using JAWS as the screen reader, but I am unsure which version of JAWS (though it will be recent).

            Part of the reason for asking about which Braille display might be preferable is that it's been my experience in general that virtually any piece of hardware, being used for a specific purpose, has ones that seem to be more or less cranky.  Perhaps that's not the case here and even knowing that would be valuable.
            Given the two languages I know will be involved it simply seems to me that having a dedicated keyboard (as in likely physical keyboard) for each would make life much, much easier than trying to switch either via software or multi-key sequences to produce characters.

             There is, of course, a lot of conjecture going on at this point on my end as well.

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