Yes it can. JAWS 2018 convenient OCR will work with other scanners than just the Pearl Camera, so it does work with hardware. Spacebar+JAWS, then O for OCR, then A. You have a dialog that will allow you to select from any connected scanners or cameras, and to scan a physical document and recognize. Not as full-featured as Openbook, but very handy.
It does require the latest JAWS 2018 build, released last month.
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I have a flat bed scanner and thought the Jaws OCR program  could scan a paper document. I did it once, so I believe OR the change in medication is playing a trick in my head.


Thankyou  for your response, it explains a lot!!!


Mark F.


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JAWS 2018 cannot scan or read paper documents. It can only scan and read files such as pdf, mpeg or other picture files. Hardware of some type is needed such as a scanner or an all-in-one printer to scan paper documents.


Bill White



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What are the instructions to have Jaws 2018 scan paper documents, or what is the link to read them?



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