Messages Disappear when Sent to another Folder in Outlook 2016

Ed Culpepper

Hi –

I created a new folder to organize messages for a ski trip to Vail. I verified that the folder was in place, then went to my in-box to find and move relevant messages. I opened a message regarding travel, clicked to move it to the new folder. The message appeared to close and move. I went to the new folder and Jaws told me that the folder contains 0 items. Where did my message go? Is it actually in the folder, but Jaws is not reading the folder contents? How might I get access to the message back?


I created another folder for a different subject and I can read the contents of the other newly created folder containing moved messages.


Using Jaws 2018 w/latest updates, MS Outlook 2016 Pro.


Many thanks for any help.

Ed Culpepper

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