Re: Image for windows and Jaws

Steve Matzura

Most screens don't need any special handling. In Settings, select the item in the list of options called "Use accessible check boxes" by pressing the SPACE BAR on the option. Your screenreader's mouse cursor will be required to read this particular options list because it does not use a check box, but puts the letter X in front of checked items. This also is true for the list of options in backup and restore screens for the last screen before the job summary screen. I don't know why Terabyte won't change the way these screens work. I've been on them about it since early editions of version 2.

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Been using image for windows for many years. I have found I needed to use the JAWS cursor quite a bit to read a lot of info in many windows




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Subject: Image for windows and Jaws


What settings do I need to use so I can access the settings dialog box in Image for windows.


For some reason I cant get Jaws to read to put image for windows in advanced mode?


Any help would be appreciated.



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