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Hi Mike,


You might want to type “Winver” into the run dialogue or the windows search field and press enter. This will display your version of Windows. As Chris pointed out, the shortcut to start Narrator has changed with the Creator’s update this spring, it used to be Windows+Enter but now is Windows Key+Control+Enter. I believe Windows Key+Control+U also works.

I really can’t see how Windows Key+Enter still works if you are on version 1703 (Creator’s Update) or 1709 (Fall Creator’s Update).





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Hi Chris,


I don't know what version of Widows 10 you're installing, but I'm running the latest, & the keystroke, Windows key + Enter, toggles Narrator on & off.  Don't get me wrong because what's working for you is working, but if your computer updates after you get Widows 10 installed keepthe the, Windows key + Enter, keystroke in mind for future reference.

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It is ctrl+windows+enter



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Try control shift enter


On 1/3/2018 12:22 AM, Kristoffer Gustafsson wrote:

> Hi.

> I'm trying to install windows 10 using narrator.

> It doesn't work for me. does it work for you?

> I'm booting the dvd and it Begins to spin.

> when it stops I try to start narrator with ctrl+ enter, nothing happens.

> ctrl+ windows key + allt doesn't work either.

> I want to make my installation of windows and jaws without help.

> /Kristoffer





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