Re: Skype Incoming Ringer Muting JAWS

Steve Nutt


Go to your sound card properties by tapping the Windows button, then typing
the word Soundcard. You should hear Change Soundcard Settings or something
like that.

Press enter on it, then select your Playback device. For example, Realtek,
or something.

In the properties, go to Communications, and set it to "Do Nothing". This
will solve the problem.

While you are there, go to Enhancements and Disable All Enhancements, this
will make your JAWS more responsive.

Finally, go to Advanced, and uncheck the box that says Allow Apps To Take
Exclusive Control.

Your sound experience should be a whole lot better now.

All the best


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I'm facing the exactly same problem here, and have found no solution for the
time being. Let's hope someone has an idea. *smile*

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