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Not sure, but one thing you have to know and just accept is that the Jaws cursor in Windows 10 often does not read anything. I use Sage 50 accounting and running it under Windows 10 is not possible at this time as some things which I can only read with the Jaws cursor on my computer with Windows 7 just won’t read any more and the touch cursor also does not let me get to that information.



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Subject: Image for windows and Jaws


What settings do I need to use so I can access the settings dialog box in Image for windows.


For some reason I cant get Jaws to read to put image for windows in advanced mode?


Any help would be appreciated.



I contacted Terabyte they gave me some information how to get the accessibil check boxes to work,I will paste it here.


When you go in to settings it's the first option and already selected.

Accessible (a) checkboxes is down about 3 (just press A, spacebar, then enter, then go back in to settings so your screen reader will read them - may have to use option in screen reader to read between brackets as the checkboxes will be [X] like this or [ ] like this). There is also a setting to change them to be something else.


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