Re: jaws 2018 and windows 10 fall creator


what I noted is:
from the control panel, enter on power options, then press enter on
change settings that are currently unavailable. then tab to use fast
start and press the spacebar to uncheck it if it is checked.

I don't know why the fast start is found after pressing enter on the
settings that are currently unavailable. if anyone knows, I'd like to
know. if I'm wrong, I'd want to know for the future when I eventually
move to W10 for good.

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Subject: jaws 2018 and windows 10 fall creator

OK, where is fast start in windows 10 using JAWS 2018?

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I have a super fast machine that boots into windows in less than 5
seconds... This is with fast start disabled. Yet Jaws takes 10 to 15
seconds to start.
My win 7 machine starts Jaws immediately.
On 1/1/2018 11:53 AM, Lev wrote:
hi listers,

happny new year to everyone,

my question is this,

how much does it take to jaws start up when you turn on your computer?

I use windows 10 64 bits, intel core i5 and jaws 2018 and after I
logged in it takes about 25 seconds to jaws to start up.

is this on the normal range?

what do you think?

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