Re: Anyone know how to change the Windows Update choices in Windows 10

Dave Durber

Thank you Gerald, I Will, on the basis, "if it works, don't change it.


Dave Durber

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Unfortunately, in Windows 10, updates are applied automatically, and there is apparently no way for the end user to change this behavior as in Windows 7. That's one reason why I will not update to Windows 10 anytime soon. It seems that every time MS releases a new update to Windows 10,there is soon a flurry of posts on this and other lists about all the problems it causes with JAWS or Outlook or other programs. So stick with Windows 7 as long as you can.


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Subject: Anyone know how to change the Windows Update choices in Windows 10

Hello everyone:

In previous versions of Windows, you were able to choose how you wanted
updates to be performed. I understand, that in Windows 10, this function is
not readily available.

I am currently using Windows 7 Professional. I have Windows Update set to
"Check for updates but let me choose when to download and install them". I
have been lead to believe that in Windows 10, by default, Microsoft is
forcing users of Windows to have updates automatically installed, regardless
of any consequences or problems these updates might or might not cause the
end user.

For managers of I T departments and network administrators, this must
present one hell of a continuous headache, in controlling what updates are
applied to systems throughout their networks and trying to prevent problems
and difficulties occurring on any of their systems.

If anyone on this list knows, how to invoke the function in Windows 10 which
was available in previous versions of Windows, I would be very interested in
knowing about it, as this is one of the reasons why I am very reluctant to
update to Windows 10.


Dave Durber

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