Re: some chicken nugget questions

Stephanie Switzer

It’s because you don’t go to that. You go to where it says show or hide timeline when you click on that or do the hotkey for that a list of your timelines will come up. Among these are both friends and followers. If you hit show assuming that these timelines are hidden they will become available for you to see. However, the last time I checked chicken nugget shows both your friends and followers lists out of order and it doesn’t show all of them. This may be fixed now though. Followers lives in the dialogue that you were talking about is so you can see who’s following one of your friends a.k.a. the people that you are following or if you want to see the followers of a particular Twitter page that you want to follow or look at. Not your own. To get to the hide or show portion of the menu press control windows W to show or hide the window. When the window is shown press alt if you go down you will find a menu item that says edit keystrokes. The keystrokes to bring that up are in this list. Also you can arrow between each menu by pressing the left or right arrow keys. If you press up-and-down arrows you can go between each item in the menus.

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On Jan 1, 2018, at 12:10 PM, Jed Barton <> wrote:

Hey guys,

I'm running chicken nugget for twitter with jfw. Anyone on here run it?
I can figure a lot of it out, but i am trying to bring up a list of
people who i follow so i can clean it up. I went to relationships and
clicked on followers, and i tabbed over and it said 0 items. This
makes no sense cause i am following several hundred people. Any

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