Re: jaws and chrome behaving equally badly on 2 machines

Ray T. Mahorney

I'm having the same thought and NVDA updated this morning when I ran it to see how it behaved with Chrome and to this point, it has done so with no subsequent bad behavior.

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Hi Ray,
I am not sure that JAWS 13 and 15 supported Chrome. If it did, I would
suggest uninstalling Chrome again and reinstalling which ever version
was supported at the time with these JAWS versions. I would also
disable updates to the browser as updating it is probably causing your
issue. You indicated in your message that NVDA had been supported by
Chrome on these two machines and I would wonder if you are running the
most recent version of this screen reader. If so, then it sounds like
these JAWS versions are possibly not supported by your set up.

On 12/30/17, Ray T. Mahorney via Groups.Io
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running jaws 15 on a win7 64 machine and jaws13 on a win7 32 bit machine and
chrome seems to behave badly on both. Whenever I try to visit a website
regardless Chrome either crashes or does not read screen contents. Chrome
behaves nicely with NVDA on both machines but not apparently chrome and
JAWS. uninstalling and reinstalling chrome did not help nor did clearing the
cashes on both machines. both have adiquit memory to run both chrome and
jaws. This is a recent development which has been puzzling me for months. I
can't think of anything I've done to cause this equally bad behavior on both
machines. What might I be missing?

Ray T. Mahorney

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