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thanks Rick.

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Here is a link to running and using the startup folder.
In Windows 10 it is easy. You can find and open the startup list by pressing
the start button and in the search field type startup and press enter.
The items in the list can be disabled by selecting the desired item and
either right clicking or using the context menu and selecting disable.
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where is the startup folder located? I don't find it in the usual place
(windows key, up arrow to all programs, right arrow and start arrowing down,
s section doesn't have a startup folder.).

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*Hi Sieghard,*
*None of these items are in the Start folder, but thanks for the suggestion,
that's something that didn't cross my mind.  Thanks much.* Take care.
Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.
Arguing with a woman is like reading a software license agreement.  In the
end you have to ignore everything, & click I agree.
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I also get the "Main Menu", but it only shows up when I reboot or turn the
computer on after it was off, once I close it it's gone.

Things like OneNote, Settings etc. you might want to check your Startup
folder to see if any shortcuts/programs are being launched.



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*Subject:* Jaws & Win10 Latest

*Hi All,*

*Running J16 thru J2018 & Widows 10 latest.  Whenever I invoke the, Insert /
Jaws key + F10, keystroke to open the Jaws task list dialogue I have the
following listed / showing:*

*Cortana   On Top **
*Main Menu   On Top *
*Microsoft Store *
*Maximized Microsoft Store   Restored *
*Microsoft® Windows® Operating System   On Top * *OneNote   Maximized *
*OneNote   Restored * *Settings   Maximized * *Settings   Restored *
*Start   On Top * *Windows Shell Experience Host   On Top * *Windows Shell
Experience Host   Restored**

*My question, how do I stop all the above crap from showing in the Task
list?! This is really irritating!*

*All help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks much.  A very happy &
prosperous New Year to all.*

*Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.** *Arguing with a woman is like
reading a software license agreement.  In the end you have to ignore
everything, & click I agree.**


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