Re: Ipod Shuffle Alternatives?

Carol Smith

If you don't want a touch screen, you might try one of the talking devices that comes from talking mp3 players dot com.  The owner is Laz and I will find you information, if you like.  I have a Sansa Clip Zip.  It speaks titles and folders and such.  It runs a little over $100.  You will need to make little speech tags for your files, but it is not very difficult.  It is so small that it can be clipped to your shirt or fit into a pocket very easily.  He has a number of other devices, also.  The one I am talking about is small enough to fit into your hand.

Here is Laz's contact information:

Contact: Email: laz@... Phone: 727 498-0121 Skype: lazmesa Facebook:


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An iPhone would be easier to carry.


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Subject: Re: Ipod Shuffle Alternatives?


Would an iPad be easy to carry with me to the gym?


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All I can recommend would be an iPhone or iPad, which would also let you subscribe to Apple Music if you wish.


iTunes for PC can also access Apple Music, so you can use it with JAWS as well as on an Apple iOS device.


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Subject: Ipod Shuffle Alternatives?


Hi, it's Annabelle.

I know this might not be the forum for this question, but does anybody out there know of any lightweight, blind-accessible alternatives to the Ipod Shuffle? I currently have an Ipod Shuffle First Generation which I purchased in 2008, and just recently, the battery dies after only 1 hour! Unfortunately, Apple makes it so the battery can't be replaced easily. Also, from what I understand, Ipods in general are going out-of-print. This is such a shame, as the Ipod Shuffle is the most accessible one for me, as there isn't a touchscreen. If I need to get something new, I want something that can be compatible with ITunes Music, especially .m4a files, something that can store lots of music, and most important of all, something that has an easy way to replace the battery! And, I hope there's something out there that can plug into my Apple Adapter that came with the Ipod Shuffle I have.

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