How well does Jaws 2018 work with the latest Kindle for PC


Hello list,

Was curious to know if anyone’s been using the most recent version of Kindle for PC and Jaws 2018? I know there have been supposed improvements on both sides in regards to accessibility, but poking around online, it doesn’t really say how extensive. If things like highlighting or making notes, that sort of thing can also be done with Jaws. I’ve heard that NVDA also is supposed to work well with Kindle for PC, but NVDA is more my backup choice for doing things. I’d rather stick with Jaws if possible. How about braille display support?

I like FSReader and QRead well enough, but the most you can really do with either program is bookmark. That and if you’ve got multiple devices you’ve soon got a patchwork of books and bookmarks on different machines.

The idea of being able to make notations and highlight passages and have synchronization across platforms and devices is appealing to me. Thus my interest.




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