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Hi Shirley,

If your Firefox has updated to version 57 or above it will be mostly useless with Jaws for the time being.
Much better to download and install Google Chrome.

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I am using Internet Explorer. I have Firefox but haven't tried it in a couple weeks because I was having some trouble with it. Think I'll go back to it, though. Thanks.
Shirley Tracy

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If you are using Internet Explorer, it has lots of problems and is not being updated.
You would be better off with Firefox version 52.5 ESR or Google Chrome.
I personally find FireFox to be better.

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What browser are you using?

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Hello, all:

I'm using Windows 7 and JAWS 18. Haven't taken the plunge to Windows 10 yet.

Recently, and I think since the last JAWS 18 update snuck into my system, I've been having difficulty using web sites. I keep getting stuck and can't read through web pages I used to manage just fine. What happened?

Here's my latest challenge: I once signed up with "Instacart" and had no problem. Now, here's what I see on one of the pages: Tool tip That's all I can read.
I can't read any tool tip message, and I can't move further forward or back. I'm trapped. To me, it appears as though the rest is blank.

I expected to have some trouble with Instacart, but this is happening on other web sites. Any ideas would be greatly welcomed.



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