Re: saying jaws command keys through speech recognition

mike mcglashon

First Merry Christmas Carroll:

Well, it sort of works,
I can listen to things pretty far away about 40 ft or so;
I do notice a couple of things:
Using a wireless Logitech headset with mic;
Windows10 and jaws 2018;
I first notice that many times when I tell it a command, instead of
executing it, the wsr types it into the document I was trying to read with
insert-downarrow which is supposed to read to end of document.
Second, like right now, when I told it to open outlook, it just dinged at me
like it didn't know what I am saying.
I think it should have worked better because sometime back prior to the
headset, I trained wsr to hear my voice and it sort of did it sometimes;

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nd did it work or not? What kind of headset are you using? I need to find
one I can use with my new Win10 PC. Thanks.


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