Re: saying jaws command keys through speech recognition

Carol Smith

It has been a long time since I tried this, but you could also try saying press insert key plus down arrow key.  My take on this would be that it is faster to just go ahead and press it my self, grin.  Merry Christmas.


On 12/25/2017 11:12 AM, mike mcglashon wrote:

Hi guys:


First, merry Christmas and such;

Second, I received a new wireless headset/microphone for xmas;

I would like to be able to issue jaws key commands by voice through the windows speech recognition program.

What command would I say for wsr to type an insert-downarrow for jaws to read the rest of a file?

So, instead of pressing the insert-downarrow manually, I wish to tell wsr to do it;

When I try the command:

“press insert-downarrow” it just dings at me like it doesn’t know the type of command;


When I tell wsr to just simply move down, or press downarrow, it knows those commands;

This is what makes me think I could issue voice driven jaws commands?


Please advise?


Mike m.


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