saying jaws command keys through speech recognition

mike mcglashon

Hi guys:


First, merry Christmas and such;

Second, I received a new wireless headset/microphone for xmas;

I would like to be able to issue jaws key commands by voice through the windows speech recognition program.

What command would I say for wsr to type an insert-downarrow for jaws to read the rest of a file?

So, instead of pressing the insert-downarrow manually, I wish to tell wsr to do it;

When I try the command:

“press insert-downarrow” it just dings at me like it doesn’t know the type of command;


When I tell wsr to just simply move down, or press downarrow, it knows those commands;

This is what makes me think I could issue voice driven jaws commands?


Please advise?


Mike m.


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