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Sugar Lopez <sugarsyl71@...>

Thank you Dave.

I am still not figuring it out

I am so stuck.

Thanks. I will try this



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To my knowledge, use Windows Explorer to find the folder containing the songs, and press the Application key (or shift F10). In the context menu, you should find play in Winamp.


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Subject: Need help with a few things


Hi all

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates this fine day!


Well I am slowly getting my programs together.

Still having issues with skype and signing in but oh well.

I want to know the following please

-how to make win amp play an entire folder

I use to use the key alt, f and P and it would play.

-how does win amp keep playing my folder instead of stopping after each song?


E mail:

When sending a new e mail jaws is not completing the address, it does not even show up and it is in my contacts.

For example I have to manually type each address out.

When I first got windows 10 I had to type the address for this group manually once or reply to someone so that it could remember who I want.

I did the key F3 where my contacts are and all my address are there.

Why do they not show up when I start a new e mail?


-How do I get jaws to announce “delete” when deleting an e mail?


Thank you so much for your patience, kindness and for not letting me feel alone during this transition to windows 10

Thanks again



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