Re: how to restore a computer with Terabyte disk imaging without sighted help.

John Covici

Those are now obsolete, latest version of Windows 10 (Creators update
or later), will allow Narrator to speak in the pe environment. The
keystroke is control+enter+windows.

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First thing to do is get yourself a copy of the late Carlos Nazario's Windows pre-installation environment with NVDA. There's one for Windows 7 32- or 64-bit, and Windows 10 32- or 64-bit systems. You get these from Create the DVD, then put it aside while you do the next step.

Next step is to create a standalone copy of Image for Windows. I created an audio demo of how to do this. Get it from at

Finally, boot the Windows pre-installation environment DVD you created, and when the talking Desktop starts talking, run your standalone IFW and do the restore.


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Other than pulling the drive and using another computer with a USB to whatever type connection is on the hard drive I do not know


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Subject: how to restore a computer with Terabyte disk imageing with out sighted help.


I contacted Terabyte for some help to restore my computer with out sighted help.

They told me to use Image for linux. I cant get linux to run on my xps8900 dell computer.

I am running Windows10 and Jaws.

I am trying to to restore in Win pe.

Thank you in advance.

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