Re: how to restore a computer with Terabyte disk imageing with out sighted help.

Dave Durber

Hello Nino:
I have 3 computers, 2 of which I built myself and are identical in that, they have power supplies of the same make and power specifications, the same make and model motherboards; the same make and model CPU; the same make and amount of memory; the same make and model drives for storing the Windows operating system and the same make and model CD/DVD Drives.
The reason I am pointing this out is, that I installed a version of Windows 7 professional on a spare SSD drive, so, if I have a problem with either one of the identical computers, I can connect the spare SSD drive to that computer, connect the normal bootable drive to another port, start the computer using the spare SSD and restore a previously created backup to the normal system drive, which I created using Image for Windows, of course, first making sure I have copied any and all personal folders and files to another drive, then powering off the computer, reconnecting the normal bootable drive to its original connector, restarting the computer. When the system gets to the Desktop and JAWS in my case starts speaking, Windows often tells me that the system needs to be restarted in order for the bootable drive to be recognized as such to Windows. I download any necessary Windows updates and, following any system restarts, I then restore my personal folders, files and update any software settings, before making a new backup, using Image for Windows.
Using this method, I can restore the problem computer very quickly, generally getting the computer back to an operational state in a few hours or less.
I am in the process of researching motherboards for all 3 computers. I already have the same make and model SSD drives and CD/DVD drives  for all 3 machines. When I have completed the purchase of the chosen motherboards, CPU(s) and memory and installed Windows 10 on all 3 systems,  I will install Windows 10 on my spare SSD for the same reason as I did for Windows 7 Professional.
Dave Durber

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Thank you for responding to me.


I am in the first steps I downloaded the Microst media creation tool.


I think if I create the usb bootable disk I think I can get it to talk.


But to run the Terabyte software I am not sure what to put on the stick from the Terabyte sweet.


Thank you for taking the time to help me.




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How are you trying to run it?



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Subject: how to restore a computer with Terabyte disk imageing with out sighted help.




I contacted Terabyte for some help to restore my computer with out sighted help.


They told me to use Image for linux. I cant get linux to run on my xps8900 dell computer.


I am running Windows10 and Jaws.


I am trying to to restore in Win pe.


Thank you in advance.



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