Re: Using Jaws, Tip To Stop Avast From Installing With CCleaner Update or Install

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Hi Brian,
I only use the word, Screen, because as someone that is totally blind I have to tab to get to that dialogue to uncheck the Avast install checkbox.  Since I can't tell where the dialogue is, I couldn't tell people that can't see it, that it's on the same screen, when many blind users believe that it might be a different screen per say when tabbing.  Not everyone knows the correct computer lingo, me being 1 of them!  LOL 
And yes, Unchecky does not uncheck this Avast checkbox.  I run Unchecky on all our computers, & it hasn't unchecked that checkbox on any of them.
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            Your warning is quite timely.   That being said, the Avast install option is not on a separate screen or pop-up but is at the bottom of the very first screen of the CCleaner install process and it is static.   It should remain there until you hit the next button and, as you say, unless you want Avast installed on your system you must be sure to uncheck that box first.

             Although I routinely recommend Unchecky they have still not caught up with whatever mechanism is being used to present this offer, since they don't automatically uncheck it.   I anticipate this will change, but am not certain when.  I have reported this issue with missing this particular checkbox to the developers of Unchecky.
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