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Adrian Spratt

Hi, Miriam.

Thank you for your thoughtful post. Dave is otherwise the most considerate
of listers, and you may have seen his later apology. Some listers can be on
a short fuse, and some listers have ways of lighting that fuse, but for the
most part people with questions get good answers in polite responses here.
I'd put Dave right up there among the most helpful posters. It would be sad
if this one lapse by this particular lister, of all people, were to
discourage anyone from benefiting from the wealth of advice freely given

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I'm new to this list. I am an older person and I've been using Jaws for a
long time and have never become a skilled user. So with that background,
I'd like to suggest that if someone doesn't know how to use Amazon, or
hasn't used a shopping site, or isn't comfortable doing it, and uses Jaws,
and asks the list for help, it seems to me that there might be a kind soul
on the list who would really try to help instead of embarrassing the person
for daring to ask and show his vulnerability.

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Addison --

Click on the item you want. Add to shopping cart. Go to checkout. Give them
your credit card.

Gee. it's really sort of simple, isn't it? Just like most shopping web

Why do you think we know what we can help you with? This is something you
have to figure out for yourself if you really want to get involved with
on-line shopping.

Practice, practice, practice, practise.

Dave Carlson
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Hi All,
I'm trying to order audio cd from amazon ,my cousin show me how to order
from last week ago !! I have try to order audio cd but I forgot
how to do it!! Does anybody know how to tell me how to order audio cd from website? I really need your help to tell me how to do it with
jaws!! I'm using jaws 11,window xp desktop computer with home edition. I
will appreciate any help and answer from anybody.

O. Addison Gethers

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