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paul lemm



I’m not aware of any accessible game engines , but I have recently started coding audio games, so would  be really interested if you do find anything please do keep me up to date. I currently use the blast bay tool kit  (or BGT as its called for short) you mentioned, but I’m not sure what you mean by when you tried to run a script you got an error, which script did you try and run ? was it something you wrote yourself  or was it someone else’s script you were trying to run? Either way it doesn’t sound like an error with BGT , but more a problem with the script you were trying to run. the best thing to do is open the BGT help file, in here there is an introduction, read this first, then the language tutorial , this will teach you how to write and run your first ever script, and then teaches you to write more complex scripts and eventually walks you through writing  your first audio games. I actually hadn’t done any coding before this and found it a really good tutorial that explains everything really well. Let me know if you need any further help with BGT and if I can I will be happy to help, but do please keep me up to date if you do find an accessible game engine.


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Subject: good accessible places to download accessible game engines


Hi. looking fo an accessible game engine. Looking at enrolling in a game programming and 3d course with my school. My lectuer is going to have to rebuild the course and learning materials for me, and any future blind people. Tried unity, unreal game engine, and totally inaccessible. So does any one know of an accessible game engine? Thanks. Ps: did try the blast bay studios tool kit, but when I installed and then ran the scripts, kept giving me an error. A scripting language, but does have limitations, like no 2 d and 3d and audio, database, multimedia. So have tried searching, and now. Wondering, if any one has come up with one. I know the accessible games firms like el works, dracanous, have their own game engines and would not let outsiders download or purchase their engines. So any other ideas, or where to find it. Thanks. And the other game engines, just totally uinstalled and using a tool called revouinstaller. So, it gets rid of the left over files as well as the application.


Marvin from Adelaide, Australia.




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