Re: Jaws and Outlook 2010 spell check delay

Tim Ford

Hi Jim,


I am still using Outlook 2010, so my suggestion may not help. 


Try the keyboard shortcuts instead of the tab key.  Most of those field and options do have a shortcut.  For example, Alt+ c accepts the first recommended option, alt +g accepts the “error” without changing the spelling.  There are of course more shortcuts, but this gives you a couple of the most commonly used shortcuts.  If they help, then we can give you the rest of the list. 


If this does not help, then I have no idea.  I am running the latest Windows 10, JAWS 17, and I notice occasional slowdowns, moments of silence; this all started in recent years, and I suspect it is either the newer Windows, JAWS, or both. 


Good luck,

Tim Ford



From: [] On Behalf Of Jim L
Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2017 2:29 PM
Subject: Jaws and Outlook 2010 spell check delay


Heya folks,


For many versions of Jaws and Outlook 2010 spell check every now and then, say 5 out of 10 times Jaws and Outlook 2010 spell check has a delay period when I tab thru its options. Its never been fixed in any new versions of Jaws as I am now running latest Jaws 2018 on a windows 7, 64 home PC, does anybody else get this delay? And is there a work around?


This issue stops me using the spell checker alltogether so any help would be appreciated.






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