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Vic Beckley

Thanks for the suggestion Mike. They are not manual page breaks. They are soft page breaks.

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Hi Vic,
Or, you can try the following:
You might consider using the "Find and Replace" dialog box to remove all
manual page breaks. 

1.  Use CTRL+H to move focus into the Replace page of the dialog box.
2.  In the Find What edit box type a caret followed by a small m.  (The
caret is a shift on the number 6 and be sure not to capitalize the m). 
3.  Tab to the replace edit box but just leave it blank if you don't want to
replace the manual page breaks with anything else.
4.  If you want to keep any of the manual page breaks then tab to the
Replace button and use spacebar.  You can then use the Next button to move
to the manual page breaks and remove one at a time.  Otherwise, tab to the
Replace all button and use spacebar. 
5.  Word will let you know how many manual page breaks it removed and you
can press spacebar on the OK button.  Press escape to get out of Find & Replace.

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The easiest way to fix it is to go to the status bar with f6, and
change the view to draft.  It won't affect your printed document, but
it makes the page transition go smoothly.  Failing that, while on the
status bar tinker with the zoom setting.  Either way, you should be
in business.

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