Re: GMail web site not reading middle message subject column?


Hello Matthew,
I attempted to duplicate your results using both JAWS 18 and 2018 to
see whether there was a difference and I did not discover one on the
gmail site. With smart navigation off and the JAWS document
presentation setting set to screen layout, both JAWS versions read
across as I down arrowed through the emails. The information that was
read was the check box with the sender's name, followed by the subject
a preview of the message and the time. I am wondering which browser
you are using? I conducted this evaluation using Internet Explorer 11
on a Windows 10 machine.
I also opted not to migrate my settings between the two versions.

On 12/19/17, Matthew Bullis <matthewbullisaz@...> wrote:
I am using the basic html format. If I change the screen layout to
simple, then it will read as I down arrow, but only one element at a
time. I wish it to read all the way across as I down arrow. This way I
can check the box after hearing the message particulars. Smart
navigation is off with document presentation at screen layout. In Jaws
18, it would read all the way across, but in 2018 it just reads the
sender and the date, skipping the middle columns.

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