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Jessica D <jldail13@...>

Can you install Linux on a mac, with bootcamp?
I have Windows on my mac this way, so can I make one for linux, so my
windows install and linux are separate?

What version of linux should I use?


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I use Linux a lot. Try installing the Windows Subsystem for Linux on your
local Windows machine (with Fall Creators Update and JAWS 2018). The
terminal has been made more accessible by Microsoft and VFO in the latest
10 and JAWS 2018 as of the December update.

You can then run ssh to connect to remote Linux systems. Once logged in over
ssh, you can run text editors as you wish (e.g., Vim or Emacs).

I hope this is helpful.

Jed Barton <jedbarton@...> wrote:
Hey guys,

Any of you out there use linux at all? I'm looking at doing some
things with a few projects, and they use linux. I'm looking to cover
some basics, and am wondering what works well with jfw. Do things
like Putty work at all? Also is there any text editing software that
works, as i have some text files under linux i need to edit.


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