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Coleman, Alton A <ColemanAA@...>

This means that your JAWS license should authorize you to use up through version 2018. So, you just need to download and install either JAWS18 or JAWS2018.

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Sent: Monday, December 18, 2017 4:17 AM
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I have jaws 17 on my pc and it says I have 2 updates left but I cant work
out what I need to to to use them, not sure if it makes any difference but
I live in the u k, and not sure if this is just a thing for America

so if any one could help me by telling me how to do this I would be
grateful cheers Joe

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Hello Mike,
Using Jaws 2018, I am finding it in about in the help menu.
Insert J
Alt H

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Subject: Maintenance agreement

I can't seem to find how many paid updates I have left. 2018 seems to have
put the info. somewhere different.


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