Re: list view and tree views in Filezilla

Tom <tomcat509@...>

Yes Richard, it is the same version of Jaws, FileZilla and Windows 10 as you are using.


It is strange you are not having the problem while it is driving me crazy.  Going through the FileZilla  setup does not seem to suggest any solution either.  Well,, not that I can find anyway.






From: [] On Behalf Of Richard Turner
Sent: Sunday, 17 December 2017 2:02 AM
Subject: Re: list view and tree views in Filezilla



I’m using JAWS 2018 version 1712.10 with the latest Filezilla on Windows 10, 64 bit and I’m not having any trouble with listviews.

I use the up or down arrow to go through the files on my remote site and there are no issues.


Is that the same JAWS version you are using?





From: [] On Behalf Of Tom
Sent: Saturday, December 16, 2017 3:36 AM
Subject: list view and tree views in Filezilla




Using Jaws 2018 latest update, latest FileZilla under W10 64 bit


While moving up and down lists of files  on a remote site in FileZilla,Jaws informs me that the display frequently changes from the desired list view to the undesirable tree view. Sometimes, by hitting shift tab the display can be changed back to the list view but not for long unfortunately.      


Is there a way to force either Jaws or FileZilla to stay in a list view rather than frequently changing  into the tree view?  





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