Providing Remote Support to Sighted Users

Coleman, Alton A <ColemanAA@...>

Good morning,

Is anyone aware of an accessible tool that will allow a JAWS user to provide remote assistance to other sighted non-JAWS users?

I am currently set up with JAWS Tandem Direct, but it does not make sense to me to ask a sighted user who requires my assistance, and knows absolutely nothing about JAWS to go through the process of launching JAWS on their machine just to acquire an access code for a Tandem session, and then having to explain to them how to shutdown JAWS when the session is complete, etc.


Is there a more mainstream utility, such as Windows Remote Assistance through which I can gain access to their workstation and then just launch JAWS myself?

Note that JAWS has already been installed on the 75-100 workstations that I could potentially need to access.

I just want to find a way that the end-user does not have to launch JAWS in order for me to provide real-time remote assistance.


Keep in mind that I am referring to real-time assistance, where I take control of the end-user’s workstation, under their existing credentials and login session, not to be confused with remoting into their computer via Windows Remote Desktop, etc.


Any thoughts or feedback that you might can share would be greatly appreciated.



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