Help with AOL mail

Elaine Young <hidden_spring@...>

Hi all,

I have a second email address that is through Verizon which was changed to AOL about a year ago. Last month I was to respond to a security update on that AOL account and missed the info until it was too late (I rarely use that email address). So now I am not receiving any email from that account. It appears to me I need to update my security on IMAPS/popups. I am clueless about all this. Below is what I've found on the AOL site.

"Find the IMAP/POP server and port settings in your email application. These settings can usually be found under an account settings menu in your application. "

I use Thunderbird 52.5.0. I can't figure out where to find accounts and the security changes I have to make. I don't know when to tab, enter or arrow. I use Jaws 18 with Windows 10.  Can someone very simply walk me through the process?

Thanks, Elaine

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