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Marianne Denning

Did you ask Kevin why you should stay with Windows 7? There are definitely some changes but it seems much more like Windows 7 than Windows 8 did.

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My tech person,  who works for an agency for the blind, helped me order my new computer.
He said I have the license for Windows 10 but that he asked the seller that Windows 7 be installed.
 I didn't know if Windows 10 would be harder to use for me.
Now Tom said I should have the latest JAWS  even if I use an older operating system in case I need tech support from Freedom Scientific.


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Do you not want to upgrade to Windows 10 while it is still available for free, if indeed it still is?

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Hi List,

I purchased a new computer in August 2017.  I'm using Windows 7 with JAWS 18.
I'm authorized to download JAWS 2018, but since I'm not using Windows 10 is there any benefit to downloading the new version?  Any input would be appreciated.


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