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Just to add to the statistics, I'm using Office 2007 on a Windows 7 Pro 32-bit machine. Latest JAWS 2018 build does not exhibit this behavior in Excel 2007. In fact, the 2007 version of Excel has not ever had the problems being reported in JAWS 2018 builds. Sorry that some are having the issue, but there's definitely some influence from the Office version to this problem, as well as with JAWS 2018.\
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This is very disheartening. With the number of us having this problem, it would seem to me JAWS is what needs to be fixed. On another computer I have Office 2010 and this does not happen. Wondering if anyone on list has received any assistance from VFO or if they are putting folks off to MS accessibility desk.




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I have been experiencing this same problem for a while.  I am completely frustrated.  I called VFO and they had no suggestions other than call MicroSoft accessibility desk.  I have not done that but don't see what they could do.  Since moving to Windows 10 I have been extremely frustrated with JAWS in several applications.  Most of them are things I can work around some but Excel is the worse with it stopping speaking or taking 20 to 30 seconds or more to repeat what I typed.  It also stops speaking when I am moving around a spreadsheet to check figures and mark things off


I have been working with JAWS since sometime in the mid-90s.  I have never been so frustrated as I am now.  Hoping to hear that someone has unlocked the secret to at least Excel.  Also frustrated with no speech during spell check.




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Yes, exactly like that here. This is getting very annoying. I am flying back to NY today but will call VFO tomorrow or when time permits. I am sure they are well aware of this issue as it has been widely reported. Others? Has anyone had a formal response from VFO?




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I’m experiencing this issue with jaws  17, 18 and 2018 with excel 2013. If I alt plus tap, jaws is responsive. It’s to the point where I have to end the the test via the task manager for excel and reopen excel to   continue working again. Reinstalling jaws  does not help, I need a solution as well!


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I was hoping the issue with JAWS going silent or at best extremely sluggish would have been fixed in latest update. So far, if anything, it is worse on my equipment. I am using an intel NUC with an I5 processor and 16 GB ram. With win 10 version, 1709m I will be working in excel and for no apparent reason JAWS goes silent or becomes extremely sluggish (15-20 seconds between announcing characters I type). Anyone else experiencing this?



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