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Gerald Levy

Someone on another list posted the following information about a Firefox add-on that supposedly makes Webvisum and other incompatible add-ons work with Firefox 5. I have not tried it myself, so if you upgrade to FF 5 and install this add-on, do so at your own risk. I cannot guarantee that it will enable Webvisum to work with FF5:

Here is the information I sent before concerning an add-on that
will enable those supposedly incompatible add-ons. It is called Add On
Compatibility Reporter. Follow the steps below and many of the add-ons you
have seen in the past may be enabled. Some may not work, but Webvisum and
Skip Screen will work normally.

1. Visit:

2. Find the link that says 'add to Firefox' and press enter.

3. You should see the dialogue for Firefox launch that will prompt you to
install this add-on.


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Webvisum hasn't been updated to work with FF5. Based on other list member
reports, you'd be advised not to upgrade to FF5 until Webvisum either
releases an upgrade or states its intentions.

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I haven't read all the threads about this subject, but have people lost the
ability to use the CAPTCHA-solving tool with Firefox? I'm using V4.0.1 and
can still do so, but I get the idea that once I upgrade to V5 I won't be
able to. Is there some way to disable automatic upgrades of Firefox, then,
or would this even matter if Webvism is now down? Thanks.
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