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Richard Turner <richardturner42@...>

Hi Mike,


I hope the Law school finals go well. 


I doubt this is helpful, but did you leave the zip file in the enu file?

Perhaps removing it, and rebooting?


I do not know if the JAWS scripts require a certain resolution, but if you have trouble with the Jaws cursor, then it sounds like something else is going on.

Make sure the window is maximized.

I know Jaws has something about a Virtual Ribbon and it should be turned off.

I am not a Jaws expert by any stretch of anyone’s imagination, but if you search for turning off the virtual ribbon in Jaws via Google, you will probaby find the answer quickly.


Or, I know there are others on this list that use GoldWave and that know much more about the mysteries of Jaws.


I’m glad at least the sets are now installed, not that it does you much good yet.


I’m sure it will get sorted.  At last resort, you could call Jaws support and see if you actually get a helpful person.


Best of luck,




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Sent: Sunday, December 10, 2017 5:21 AM
Subject: Re: goldwave 631 and jaws


Dear Mr. Richard:

First, please excuse the delay in returning the line; for I am studying for law school finals hence forth.


Second, I have performed the steps of which you outlined in previous post;

When I looked in the enu from within the jaws-explore-settings box, you were correct in that the goldwave.anything portions of the scripts were not present.

I then copied the zip file with the components of the scripts into the enu folder;

I extracted the zip file’s components within the enu making sure not to let the extractor create a subfolder under the enu folder.

The goldwave scripts are present.

By the way, I performed these steps with goldwave closed.

Upon post extraction, I closed and restarted jauws; then opened goldwave.

Once goldwave opened, I check the script settings with insert-q and it says that “goldwave 5 and 6 settings are loaded.”

Furthermore, within the insert-1 help mode of jaws, the keys do say what they are supposed to do; such as: insert-s if pressed within help mode, jaws will say “announces the start marker position.”  However, once out of help mode, when I hit keys such as alt-shift-s to see where the start marker is, jaws remains mum.  When pressing any keys that should give information, jaws remains silent.


I apologize for the long explanation but I wish to give you an account of what I did so you can tell me where I missed anything within the process ou’ve prescribed.


One idea, I wonder if the resolution within windows10 needs to be a certain setting for jaws to work.  I ask this in contemplation because my jaws cursor never works; it says “blank blank” whenst I arrow around in jaws cursor mode.


I do thank you for reading this entirely; any suggestions from you or anyone else who might read this?  I’m afraid to call the jaws company for there is nothing to stop them from passing the buck and blaming the issue on goldwave’s development.


Please advise?


Mike M.


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Sent: Saturday, December 9, 2017 12:52 PM
Subject: Re: goldwave 631 and jaws


No need to apologize.  I am a recent prisoner of Jaws having been a Window-eyes user for over 20 years and had to learn this just a few months ago.


On Windows 10, the way I learned it was to tap the Windows key to bring up the search box.

I then arrow down a little ways into the list of apps and hit the letter j, then continue arrowing to Jaws 2018, or Jaws 18, whichever.

At the Jaws version you have it will say folder collapsed.

Hit the space bar.

Arrow down once to utilities and hit enter.

Then arrow down to explore scripts.

You want the ENU folder, which is the English US assuming that is where you are.

Once in that folder, you can check for the Goldwave script files.

If they are not there, just copy them into that folder and restart Jaws.

Now, all should be well.


I believe there is a way to get there from the Jaws menus.

O yes, and have GoldWave closed when you do this just to be sure.





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Sent: Saturday, December 9, 2017 9:45 AM
Subject: Re: goldwave 631 and jaws


Ok my friend:


I must first apologize for demonstrating my incompetence.


First, how do I explore scripts?

Do I do it from within gw? And if so what keys do I hit or whatever to see if my scripts are there?


Second, what folder would I copy them into assuming they are not in the correct place already?


In sum, step-by-step instructions would most be appreciated.  Maybe wire off list?


Mike M.


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Sent: Saturday, December 9, 2017 11:06 AM
Subject: Re: goldwave 631 and jaws


I’m not sure when this happened, but I suspect it was when I updated from Jaws 18, but my GoldWave wasn’t responding to the keystrokes.

I checked under Explore Scripts and the GoldWave script files were not there.

I copied them into the folder and now all works correctly.


I guess I am familiar enough with GoldWave that I worked around it the few times I’ve used GoldWave since I upgraded to 2018.



I’m not sure if that is what’s going on with you, but I’d double check that all the files are where they need to be.




From: [] On Behalf Of mike mcglashon
Sent: Saturday, December 9, 2017 7:24 AM
Subject: goldwave 631 and jaws


Hi guys:

I am using jaws 2018 win10 and goldwave 631.


I have the goldwave v5 scrips script version 1.6 by lee and others;

Is this the correct set of scripts I should have, or are there others floating around somewhere?


When I open a file in goldwave, or goldwave itself, jaws says the percentage as it decompresses the file;

However, once file is open and ready for editing,

The keys to read cursors and other things are not working;

For instance, shift-alt-s is supposed to read the start marker position;

Shift-alt-f is supposed to read the finish marker positions;

Neither of these key combinations nor others operate this way;

Also when arrowing through the file, nothing is read.


It kind of feels like the areas of screen that hold all this info is not congruent with the areas expected by the scripts to gather such info.


I hope this makes sense;


Am trying to maneuver through hours of class lectures for Tuesday’s final exam.


Any assistance will most certainly be appreciated as time is of essence.


Thank you muchly.


Mike M.


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