goldwave 631 and jaws

mike mcglashon

Hi guys:

I am using jaws 2018 win10 and goldwave 631.


I have the goldwave v5 scrips script version 1.6 by lee and others;

Is this the correct set of scripts I should have, or are there others floating around somewhere?


When I open a file in goldwave, or goldwave itself, jaws says the percentage as it decompresses the file;

However, once file is open and ready for editing,

The keys to read cursors and other things are not working;

For instance, shift-alt-s is supposed to read the start marker position;

Shift-alt-f is supposed to read the finish marker positions;

Neither of these key combinations nor others operate this way;

Also when arrowing through the file, nothing is read.


It kind of feels like the areas of screen that hold all this info is not congruent with the areas expected by the scripts to gather such info.


I hope this makes sense;


Am trying to maneuver through hours of class lectures for Tuesday’s final exam.


Any assistance will most certainly be appreciated as time is of essence.


Thank you muchly.


Mike M.


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