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Jason White

It's working well for me (JAWS 2018, 64-bit Windows 10 system). Could you check what version of Chrome you have installed and whether it was updated recently? On Windows 10, you'll find the latter details under Apps and Features, but I can't remember where it is on Windows 7.

You could also try uninstalling Chrome, then re-installing it. Another option would be to find its configuration files and delete them. In addition, scan your system for viruses just in case that's the issue.

I'm also running Firefox ESR.

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Sent: Friday, December 8, 2017 5:15 PM
Subject: Problems With Google Chrome

Hi good people:
I am having a very odd problem with my google chrome browser.
Each time I attempt to open a site, the browser crashes. Before now, I was having problems with opening a link in a new window, that is through an Email or another web page.
But the problem has now worssened. i cannot do anything with the browser right now.
I've tried out using the chrome cleaner, which I downloaded, but it hasn't worked.
I attempted doing a re-set of the settings, when I could, but it didn't change anything.
Please has anyone ever had this problem? if you have, how did you get around the issue.
I started experiencing this problem when I installed the extended support release for firefox. But I don't believe this could have been the cause of this problem.
I use windows 7 32 bit: JAWS 16.
Looking forward to reading from anyone.
I am Ibrahim.

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