Problems With Google Chrome

Ibrahim Ajayi

Hi good people:
I am having a very odd problem with my google chrome browser.
Each time I attempt to open a site, the browser crashes. Before now,
I was having problems with opening a link in a new window, that is
through an Email or another web page.
But the problem has now worssened. i cannot do anything with the
browser right now.
I've tried out using the chrome cleaner, which I downloaded, but it
hasn't worked.
I attempted doing a re-set of the settings, when I could, but it
didn't change anything.
Please has anyone ever had this problem? if you have, how did you get
around the issue.
I started experiencing this problem when I installed the extended
support release for firefox. But I don't believe this could have been
the cause of this problem.
I use windows 7 32 bit: JAWS 16.
Looking forward to reading from anyone.
I am Ibrahim.

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