Re: Maintenance agreement


I would give VFO/FS a ring and ask them to be sure.

with an SMA, you are basically prepaying to be allowed to upgrade for
free when the upgrade becomes available. for example, you start with
version 2018 and when 2019 comes out, you can upgrade as opposed to
having to pay a bit more to upgrade to version 2019.

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Sent: Friday, Dec 8, 2017 9:16 AM EST
Subject: Maintenance agreement

hi all

when I brought jaws nothing was said about this maintance agreement
thing, so I just looked and it says i have 5 updates left, o should say
I have jaws 17, so do I need to do any thing to  use the  updates and if
so how dose it work ?
not sure if it makes any difference but I live in the uk.

cheers Joe

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Hello Mike,
Using Jaws 2018, I am finding it in about in the help menu.
Insert J
Alt H

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Subject: Maintenance agreement

I can't seem to find how many paid updates I have left.  2018 seems to have
put the info. somewhere different.



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