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HH. Smith Jr.

I have used the Pearl camera from the time it came out for purchase. It was
half the price as an introductory offer. The camera works real great and I
had no complaints except for its fragility. It is great for its portability,
picture rendering abilities and it does function as advertised. I guess it
is all that and a bag of chips. Now the cons, in the past before this sale,
I suggested to my consumers not to acquire one due to the cost at over
1200bucks. For my consumers, it was a whole lot cheaper to go on EBay and
purchase a portable flatbed scanner for under 100bucks and get the same
functionality at an extremely lower cost. The camera is just what it is,
portable camera. The portable scanner was just as practical and thin enough
to fit in a laptop bag and consume about the same amount of space on your
desk as an opened Pearl camera scanning a sheet of paper. I've personally
haven't seen the new price; but the purchasing of the Pearl camera is a
choice of preference in my opinion. Let's face it the purchasing of adaptive
technologies is economics first followed by functionality coupled with
practicability; Also, some portable flatbed scanners has more features than
just scanning that can be helpful in other areas as far as independent
computing. Bottom line get as much bang for your bucks.

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The Pearl is portable and is much more suitable for books.

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Anyone got any experience with using the Pearl Camera versus a flat bed
scanner for use with Jaws 2018? Just got the notice that the Pearl camera
is on sale for users of Jaws 2018. Is the Pearl easier to use? Does it
produce better scanning results over a flat bed scanner?

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