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Coleman, Alton A <ColemanAA@...>

Perhaps the list boxes in question function like a combo box, where you need to press SHIFT + DOWN ARROW to open the list, once you are in forms mode?
Just a thought.

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Hi Sieghard,

Primarily I have these issues when following links in recommendation
newsletters like our editors recommend blah blah blah. It seems the
recommended titles are contained in listboxes though they don't seem
to function like any listboxes I've ever seen before.

I'm using jaws on a windows 7 computer and see the same issues
regardless of whether I access the site with firefox or internet

Interestingly, if I go to the audible site and perform a search for an
author or title everything is fine and I can move around the page just
as you describe. Apparently these listboxes are used only in certain
situations like the recommendations I described above.


On 12/6/17, Kimber Gardner <kimbersinbox1963@...> wrote:
Hi all,

Hoping someone can help me. I've been an audible subscriber for a long
time but recent changes on the site have made it next to impossible to
read with jaws.

For example, I receive the newsletter with recommendations but when I
click through to the site, I am confronted with listbox after listbox
with no way of accessing the information contained there. Pressing
enter supposedly opens the listbox but then what? Down arrow does
nothing and tab just takes me out of the area I'm trying to read.

It would be great if someone could tell me how to manage this crazy layout.

Thanks for any suggestions.




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