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I went to the site you suggested and downloaded itunes 10.5.1. It has an extention of .img. Attempting to install it, windows couldn't open it and went to the web and found a program called paretologic health advisor. I downloaded and installed that one. Running it went into some kind of a scan which locked up jaws longer than i'd like to think what was happening to my machine. I killed it. Now I'm about to say itumes ain't worth all this.

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I use iTunes with BlindTunes it's a script that allows you to move around
easier while using iTunes. Below are the links for iTunes which is free it's
a Apple program for the Windows OS. I use it with Windows 7 and JAWS 12.
Below it is the link to BlindTunes so you can look it over, it's also free.
It's just a script that JAWS run's.

iTunes when you get to the web page do a search for down as in download and
you will go right to the download link for iTunes 10.5.



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Does this itunes program work with jaws 11? What is this itunes thing? Is
it a program that I would have on my computer? Where can I get it? Is it
free or reasonable?


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Hello, Jaws will not read the itunes help files propperly in my
experience either! There are also bugs when trying to use the itunes

On 12/4/11, Robert Logue <bobcat11@...> wrote:
I want to use Itunes but the help screen is pretty blank with Jaws 13.
This is what I get when virtualize the help window:
iTunes Help

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