Re: jaws 2018 and goldwave 631


I'm not familiar enough with JFW to make suggestions about the screen reader aspect, but maybe the GoldWave update changed some GoldWave window settings. With Window-Eyes, I had to check the GoldWave window settings after every update so the screen reader could find what it was configured to look for.


hth; Merry Christmas.

Lou N.


From: [] On Behalf Of mike mcglashon
Sent: Monday, December 04, 2017 9:34 AM
Subject: jaws 2018 and goldwave 631


Hi guys:


I am using win10, jaws 2018, and goldwave 6.31.

Also, I am supposedly using the goldwave versions 5 and 6 scripts.


When I fire up goldwave however, it doesn’t act like it used to under old versions of jaws.

When I go into the editing window for my file, juaws reads nothing; when I hit keys such as alt-shift-s and alt-shift-f to read start and finish markers respectively.

Moreover, hitting alt-shift-o to read the current file name being edited, jaws reads nothing.


Am I missing steps here?


Truly Yours,


Mike M.


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