OT: Kindle Fire 5th gen. VoiceView Shortcut


If anyone knows: Can you tell me how to turn voiceview on/off? Has something changed in the latest os update? I know you used to be able to turn it on/off from anywhere and any app by holding the power button, then also placing 2 fingers on the screen. Then you’d hear the screen reader say keep holding to fingers down to activate voiceview. But now, I haven’t been able to use the same method as before to turn it off. The only way I’ve been able to turn it off was by going to settings > accessibility > voiceview and checking the box to turn it off.


However, once voiceview is off, I can turn it on by holding the power button and then placing 2 fingers on the screen. Why won’t the same method turn it off any longer? It’s a problem because I can’t help my 5 year old navigate to where he needs to be if I have to navigate to settings to turn it off rather than to use that shortcut because then he’d be stuck in settings and I don’t know how to describe to him what he needs to do to get out of that and back to his apps.


I can’t seem to contact Amazon by phone today so… Thanks all for your help.


Is there a blind kindle fire list somewhere?


Thanks again,

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